How much BBQ per person

How much BBQ per person is enough and how much it costs?

If you’re going to plan an outdoor party to smoke or grill for many guests, it’s important to estimate how much barbecue each person would need. It entails figuring out how much food to make to feed every single guest. But the often-asked question is: How much BBQ per person is enough to satiate their appetite? If there isn’t enough food for everyone, even a fantastic BBQ could become awful. After all, the dinner is the main course. But you also don’t want to waste money or throw away leftovers if you buy too much.

Which type of meat do you want to serve?

Serving quantities and cooking times vary depending on the type of meat. A ribeye steak, for instance, is usually served in a smaller quantity than a pulled pork or chicken breast.

Think about the kind of meat you’ll serve and the size of the portions you want to grill when estimating how much meat you’ll need.

Number of guests coming:

The quantity of meat you require will also depend on how many people attend your BBQ.

You should aim to serve 1/3 to 1/2 pounds of cooked meat to each person as a general rule.

You can use this as an example. Approximately 10 to 15 pounds of meat will be needed to feed 20 guests during a barbecue. Since this is raw meat, it exceeds the above-mentioned limit.

How much and how many BBQs are there for each person?

Mostly, how much barbecue you offer each guest depends on the type and quantity of dishes you serve. If you’re having a large cookout, budget between 3/4 to 1 pound per person.

Reduce that estimate in half if it’s only hot dogs and hamburgers. If you’re preparing wraps or sandwiches, the same applies.

Should side dishes be offered, budget around 1/4 of a pound for each individual. Remember that people tend to fill up faster if you serve a lot of sides, such as salads and chips.

Keep in mind that these estimates are based on portion if you’re hosting a gathering of people who eat a lot, you might want to increase the estimate.

To feed ten guests, how many pounds of barbecue do you need?

For ten people, you should budget between eight to ten pounds of barbecue. Four to five pounds of meat and four to five pounds of sides are included.

Moreover, you can modify your estimations based on the kind of meal you’re preparing. Burgers and hot dogs, for instance, can need less than other grilled meats.

1/4 pound per person is usually sufficient if you’re providing a meal with several sides, such as potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, and salads.

For feeding 20 guests, how much does it cost for a barbecue party?

You will need about 8–10 pounds of BBQ to feed 20 people. This should allow for half a pound for each person, assuming that nobody eats a lot. If, on the other hand, you enjoy leftovers or you know your group is hungrier than others, you could want to adjust the quantity.

You should serve a range of sides to go with the BBQ in addition to it. 1/4 to 1/2 cup of each side dish per person is a decent general guideline. You might want to go on the side of larger amounts for sides like mac and cheese, potato salad, and coleslaw because these foods usually go over well with guests.

Plan on serving 8 to 10 pounds of meat total and a choice of sides to go with it when serving BBQ to 20 guests. You can be sure that your guests will feel well-fed and satisfied when you serve them in these quantities.

How much does it cost to feed fifty people at a barbecue?

To feed fifty people, you’ll need about twenty to thirty pounds of barbecue. This should serve 1/2 to 3/4 pounds per person, depending on the size and appetite of your visitors.

Together with the BBQ, prepare to serve a variety of sides. Make an effort to give each person at least 1/4 cup of each side dish. Nonetheless, if your sides like mac & cheese are very popular or robust, you might want to increase the serving size. You may be sure that these figures will satisfy and well-feed your guests.

How much meat should be prepared for each person at a BBQ?

Keep in mind that when meats are cooked, they normally lose 15 to 45 percent of their weight. (After grilling or smoking, a half-pound ground beef burger, for instance, will probably weigh somewhat less than seven ounces.) This is because animal protein loses some of its moisture and fat when it is cooked. A “yield” is the weight difference between raw meat and prepared meals.

How much beef is consumed by each individual?

Hamburgers and Spiral Hot Dogs

A pound of ground beef will generate roughly ¾ of a pound of cooked burgers due to its 70% yield. Assuming you create 4 burgers out of a pound of meat, the portion size for each burger will be less than 8 ounces. You can get away with using less meat because buns are typically supplied with burgers.

If you choose to get footlong hot dogs, then budget for two per person. Depending on your choice of side dishes, you should order three if you’re smaller. Ever tried spiral hot dogs? They’re a lot of fun during a BBQ.

Smoked Brisket

A brisket loses almost half of its weight as it is cooked, despite appearing enormous when it is first purchased. Consequently, 10 portions, or roughly 5 pounds of cooked meat, may be obtained from a 10-pound raw brisket on average. You won’t have as much brisket as you think, so don’t stress about how big it seems.

Boneless Steak

Planning is slightly simpler when it comes to steak than other meats. An adult typically consumes roughly 8 ounces of raw steak. For individuals who might not want as much steak as others, I would suggest getting some smaller ones and some larger ones for the big eaters. It is much simpler to estimate how much meat you will have if you are utilizing boneless steaks.

While the yield of steaks is generally around 70%, grilling fatty meats would result in even greater loss. Thus, when selecting the weight, bear in mind the kind of steak you are serving.


I hope clear how much BBQ per person costs for hosting a big BBQ party, It’s just estimated but it is hard to tell ahead of time how much and what kinds of meat you will need to buy for a cookout. Nothing is wrong with consumers having to settle for chicken for their second supper if there are no more pork chops available.

If you have enough food, you can always offer people to take some home after the party. And from what I’ve seen, many of them will, especially if you’ve cooked some very good dinners.

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