Indian food catering

Indian food catering

Over the past few months, there has been a significant change in the world as we know it. While maintaining employee and public health as their top priorities, some Indian restaurants had to pivot and adjust to the healthcare laws and economic crisis. Indian cuisine caterers are abundant and provide a variety of catering options. The primary objective is to offer food service options to customers while exercising extreme caution to reduce any potential dangers.
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Popular food items found in Indian menus:

Indian food’s diversity and distinctive flavors have made it a favorite cuisine all across the world. They use a variety of spices in most of the recipes; common ones include red chili, ginger, turmeric, coriander, and cardamom.
You can navigate Indian cuisine menus considerably more easily if you know what the words signify. Among the often-occurring expressions on menus are:


This is the name of the kind of cooking technique. These foods are frequently marinated before roasting in a clay oven with aromatics.


Biryani is the name given to a slow-cooked mixture of meat, vegetables, and spices that is topped with a coating of onions. It comes with rice and a kind of gravy.


Using pressure, this method cooks the food. When finished, the dish is served with bread, rice, and yogurt and has a thin gravy.

Tikka Masala:

This refers to large pieces of meat. Tikka is a staple of many masala recipes and is frequently combined with a gravy base.


This is a spice, usually classified as medium-hot. The gravy in most masala meals is meant to be soaked up with bread or rice.


This is the spicier dish on most Indian menus, so be ready for some heat if you order it. They are served with your selection of rice, veggies, and meat and come with gravy.


Curry is a term for gravy that is prepared using a blend of spices and herbs. Their hue and heat vary.


These meals come with your selection of meat, gravy, and leafy vegetables. Cinnamon, cloves, and cumin are common scents.


Our handmade cheese is referred to here. This cheese’s soft cubes are a common ingredient in vegetarian dishes.

Regular Main Dishes and Drinks:

To complete the meal, Indian meals typically come with a selection of sides. Since most menu items come with some kind of sauce or gravy, rice is a popular way to serve a variety of foods. The most popular type of basmati rice is white, while some eateries also serve brown and saffron rice.
You must always remember to get the Naan regardless of the meal you choose. It is incredibly popular and addictive. It is delicious both on its own and as the ideal complement to the sauces that accompany most Indian cuisine.

Other common side dishes for Indian catering include ones that balance out the heat of the food and help chill the palette. These consist of a range of chutneys, yogurt, and achar (Indian pickles).
Another option to beat the heat is with Indian beverages. Lassi and iced chai are excellent beverages to counterbalance the flavors of Indian food.

Multicultural Regional Indian Food Options

Indo-Chinese food:

With Chinese spice and cooking methods modified to suit Indian palates, Indo-Chinese food is a delectable fusion of flavors. This meal is flavored with a variety of spices that are often used in Indian cuisine, coupled with yogurt, sesame seeds, and black pepper, giving it a taste that is reminiscent of many Southeast Asian ethnic dishes.

Northern Indian food:

Indian food is just as distinctive as the nation and its people. Every Indian area has a unique culinary style and set of flavors. The famous cuisines of the North are tandoori and korma. Every meal is a declaration of culinary brilliance, something that our cooks are extremely proud of.

Gujarati cuisine:

The phrase “Gujarati cuisine” typically describes the food of the Gujarat state in Western India. Since most Gujarati food is vegetarian, it places a strong emphasis on spices and flavorful ingredients. A typical, genuine Gujarati dish includes rotli/puris, bhat (cooked rice), daal, Shak, and a tiny dessert dish. Desserts like Gulab jamun, Keri no ras, Gajar halwa, and Shrikhand are some of the most popular options.

Southern Indian food

 Portions of Indian Cuisine for Catering

For vegans and those following other dietary requirements, Indian cuisine is excellent. It feeds a throng, though. Enjoy these foods with your family. Usually, they are not served on separate plates. Rather, they are shared among groups on platters, which is a terrific idea for corporate events like lunch and learn buffets.
As India Marks points out, don’t think about ordering one main course per person. Consult the suggested portion guides provided by your caterer instead. Half-plates that feed two to three people are a common feature in restaurants. Optionally, you can purchase entire plates, which typically feed four to six people. To make a comprehensive meal, complement your entrees with a variety of side dishes.

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